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Power sockets are short, fire and explosion causes and solutions

There are many causes of electric shock and fire. This poses a great danger to users. So let’s find out what are the causes? How to deal with it and how we can use the safest power outlets. Please don’t miss this article.

What are the causes of short circuit?

Problems can occur during the use of any electrical equipment, and outlets are no exception. There are many cases of accidents due to socket breakage or fire. The possible causes are

1/ Due to a loose electrical outlet

This is one of the most common mistakes in the use of electrical outlets. That is, the phenomenon of a loose outlet is due to the poor conductivity of the electrical conductor. Due to incorrect production of metal parts, the power pins become wider and wider during use, resulting in loose plugs.

This also happens when we do not use the correct plugs for each type of outlet. This inadvertently makes the power pin make poor contact due to having to plug in many different types of plugs. The more you use the power pin, the looser it becomes, which makes the outlet very susceptible to shorts.

Another reason for a loose plug is that the load current to the outlet is too high. This causes the power pin to overheat and expand, which loosens the outlet and causes a short circuit.

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2/ Power overload

Power overload is also one of the main causes of short circuit in the socket. High power consuming appliances plugged into the same outlet can cause overloads. If electrical protection devices, such as universal keys, fuses, etc., are not installed.

Power overloads can be caused by unprotected circuits in the system. by relays or high and low voltage protection devices in the power system. This causes the voltage in the circuit to rise too high or too low.

To avoid this, electrical equipment with the proper capacity should be selected. When using electrical equipment, check the temperature regularly and fix any problems immediately. The use of electrical protection devices such as circuit breakers, fuses, relays, etc. is recommended. This will minimize the short circuit.

3/ Poor wire connection

Another extremely common cause is incorrect installation of wire connectors and poor connection of wires. This causes a lot of unnecessary damage to the user. Where the socket and the wire are not compatible, due to loose or tight. Raise the resistance of the wire, causing the nearby plastic to melt and directly burn the device.

Especially in many homes, the vast majority of users tend to install their own electrical outlets in their homes. Many people still think that this is a simple action, not too important and not much of a problem. This is completely wrong.

For those with expertise and experience, it’s not worth worrying about. But for those who are connecting to an electrical outlet for the first time. It is necessary to pay close attention to the technical safety rules when connecting. To ensure absolute safety and to avoid problems caused by incorrect electrical connections.

How can I check for a short circuit in an outlet?

You can check if the socket in your home has a serious problem and needs to be replaced. Pass the following tests.

1/ For floating sockets

For floating sockets, we can easily check them by direct observation with the naked eye. If this phenomenon is present, think immediately that the outlet in your home is broken and needs to be replaced.

The plastic layer of the electrical outlet is melted. This is because sparks are generated during the use between the plug and the power pins of the outlet. The longer you use it, the higher the temperature will be. At the same time, these sparks can burn the plastic around the power outlet, causing an electrical short.

The protective plastic layer gets stuck. Today’s power outlets are usually equipped with a layer to cover the electrical pins in the power outlet. Inside that power outlet is a spring. When the plug is inserted into the spring, it will be compressed and opened so that the pins of the plug make contact with the electrical pins. And when we unplug the power plug, this spring will push the cover back and cover the power pin.

However, it is possible that for some reason, this cover is damaged and lost its position. Making it impossible for the user to use the device and requiring repair.

2/ For wall sockets

Used for wall mounting, wall sockets have the ability to transfer power from the mains to the home appliances. They have a very stable, durable and long term reliable operation.

To check if there is a problem with a wall outlet, do the following

You need to first unplug the power cord from the control panel of that outlet. This will ensure your safety and avoid the risk of electric shock during inspection and maintenance.

Then place the multimeter in continuous, continuous test mode. Then verify that the positive terminal of the device is plugged into the voltmeter socket or into the meter.

You continue to check for open circuits. Touch the AC end of the power cord with one end of the multimeter. At this point, if there is a fully connected power source, the device will emit a “beep” signal. However, if the multimeter does not beep, the power cord is open and needs to be replaced.

Finally you proceed to test for a potential short circuit. Touch the AC side of the power cord and if there is a beeping sound. This indicates that the power cord is damaged. And should be replaced as soon as possible.

What to do when there is a short circuit, fire, or explosion in an electrical outlet

When a short circuit occurs in an electrical outlet, it needs to be handled quickly and accurately. Because this phenomenon may cause damage to other devices. It can even threaten lives. Here are simple solutions for when there is a serious problem with your home’s electrical outlets.

1/ Step-by-step store for dealing with a short circuit in an electrical outlet

Disconnect the main power supply immediately

This is a very essential task that you need to think of first when any electrical failure occurs in your home. This will limit the possible dangers.


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