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Prevention of common diseases when working with computers

Today, computers are widely available to people of all walks of life in our country, especially young people and office workers. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, sitting in front of a computer for hours is a daily occurrence. Using a computer in the wrong position will lead to many health consequences.

The following are common health problems

According to relevant research papers, regular computer use can cause many hazards, including.

Burden on eyesight

When using a computer, the eyes have to look at the screen for a long time. Many surveys show that most computer users often complain of blurred vision, dry eyes, fatigue, and the incidence of symptoms of eye irritation may exceed 50%. However, there is not enough evidence that long-term computer use can lead to myopia or other serious vision problems.

The main causes that affect vision include the amount of time the user spends looking at the screen, the distance, position and angle of the screen, the brightness and angle of the external light source, and the picture quality of the screen. such as flicker, contrast, brightness, and resolution settings, as well as individual use of lenses and vision factors.

Most computer users frequently complain of blurred vision, dry eyes, and fatigue.

Mental health risks due to heavy computer use

Many experts believe that office workers, techies or people with too much exposure to and use of computers …… are prone to mental disorders or have strong psychological effects.

In modern society, work is very stressful and there are people with different forms of mental illness in any industry. Expressions of psychological stress, mental stress, emotional stress, behavioral stress, physical discomfort, headache, loss of appetite …… and other factors are all symptoms of mental illness.

For those who regularly use computers for too long (more than 8 hours a day), they can easily fall into a state of fatigue, irritability, and irritability, like a gaming addiction, when they cannot use the computer for some reason, or when there is no computer to use. In such cases, patients often try to find ways to have a computer to use in order to feel safe.

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Experts explain that if this condition persists for a long time, it is easy to fall into depression, mental disorders, which greatly affects the quality of life and quality of work.

In addition, long-term use of the keyboard can lead to unnecessary finger injuries, spinal disorders, dry eyes and physical reactions such as fatigue, stress, poor concentration… There are even symptoms of sleep disorders, neurological disorders such as depression, and even epilepsy.

When the disease is severe, it can endanger the patient’s life (the patient commits suicide) or the people around him (hurting others before committing suicide).

People with excessive exposure to and use of computers …… are prone to develop mental disorders. Illustration.

Musculoskeletal system

This is a major concern for computer users. Prolonged sitting can lead to muscular and skeletal problems, including scapular strain, excessive cervical and dorsal spine, contraction of the pectoral muscles, and forearm flexor strain, the most painful of which is in the neck and shoulders.

Radiation problems

According to current research, under normal operating conditions, computer users are exposed to all types of radiation at levels well below regulatory allowable standards and insufficient to cause harm. Significant harm to the body. There are also no scientific studies that show that computer use by women can affect fertility or cause miscarriages or malformed fetuses.

How to fix it

When sitting at the table, keep your thighs flat and not stuck under the table; keep common items on the table in easy reach and do not bend over.

The screen must be placed straight in front of you at a distance from your eyes that is at least the length of an extended arm (40 cm); if this distance is still unclear, it means you must adjust the number of glasses. When looking horizontally, the height of the screen must be below your eye level, and even the viewing angle may be less than 40 degrees. You need to pay attention to the light source, you can put a small mirror in front of the screen to check if you can see bright objects or light sources from the mirror, adjust the screen to see the least amount of light to reduce noise.

The keyboard must also be positioned right in front of you, the best height is when your hands on the keyboard, your arms can be gently lowered, close to the sides of the body, elbows bent about 90 degrees.

The mouse is placed at the same height as the keyboard, should not be too high, try to place the mouse near the midline of the body, especially those who do computer graphics work often to use the mouse.

Take every opportunity to stand up and walk around as much as possible, which can make your heart rate faster. Stand up when you are on the phone, talking to a colleague or simply getting a glass of water. Getting up and walking around about once an hour is a great way to relax your body. Getting up and resting after every hour of work will prevent your heart rate from dropping, as well as your entire body from stagnating, if you maintain regular activity.


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