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Review of 4 most fragrant Gucci Bloom perfume bottles for women

The Gucci Bloom fragrance line for women is known for its luxurious, sophisticated and exceptionally seductive scent. If you are looking for a sweet and feminine fragrance, Gucci Bloom is a great choice.

Let’s find out more details about the Gucci Bloom fragrance collection through the reviews below on And let’s refer to the top 4 bottles of Gucci Bloom fragrances that are rated as the most attractive to all women.

About the Gucci brand

The Gucci brand was born in 1921 and after almost 100 years, Gucci has been and will always be the world’s leading luxury fashion brand. To date, Gucci has produced a diverse range of products, from fashion, handbags, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics …… And all of these products are of the best quality and equally expensive.

sét nước hoa GUCCI BLOOM GIFT SET (EDP 100ml | Nước hoa nữ giới

The real Gucci fragrances are a line of products from the Italian house of Gucci. With an alluring, sophisticated, aristocratic design and fragrance, Gucci perfumes inherit new characteristics while retaining the proud Gucci tradition.

Detailed review of the Gucci Bloom fragrance collection for women

The Birth of Gucci Bloom Fragrance

Officially launched in August 2017, the Gucci Bloom luxury fragrance collection was created by perfumer Alberto Morillas under the direction of creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci Bloom was created to preserve the scent. A rich and fresh scent, full of the floral scent of the garden.

Gucci Bloom Perfume Bottle Design

When one thinks of Gucci’s product line, one immediately thinks of luxury, detail and eye-catching, and Gucci’s fragrance line is no exception. However, unlike other fragrance products, Gucci Bloom is not housed in a glass bottle, but is designed in nude pink enamel porcelain. Through creativity, the look of Gucci Bloom was created in a way that is classic, luxurious, fancy and sure.

Aside from the material, the texture of the Gucci Bloom perfume bottle is quite simple, but extremely sophisticated. In the middle of the bottle is a rectangular paper label with the name “GUCCI BLOOM” and the concentration of the fragrance. Each type will have its own highlight, making it distinctive and easily identifiable.

The signature scent of Gucci Bloom

Needless to say, judging from the name and the floral-filled design, you can guess that the main scent of Gucci Bloom is floral, right? To be precise, Gucci Bloom belongs to the floral fragrance category, and all the floral scents used to make her are special white floral scents.

Overall, it is a beautiful scent that is like a natural bouquet of fresh flowers without feeling too much makeup. The fragrance is not strong or harsh, but rather quite pleasant and therefore suitable for all situations.

For each type, there are distinctly different scents with distinct layers. Discover these scents in the next section with a review of 4 top Gucci Bloom perfume bottles.

Gucci Bloom Scent and Fragrance

Generally speaking, Gucci Bloom fragrances for women have the ability to preserve the scent and smell for about 6-7 hours on the skin, which is easily felt at a distance of about half an arm. This is why with a lightly pleasant fragrance, Gucci Bloom is really versatile so that you can use it in many different weather conditions or situations and wear this perfect “floral shirt”.

The Price of the Real Gucci Bloom Perfume

Gucci Bloom is a high-end perfume line, but has a mid-range price that is not expensive compared to many other brands. There are different prices depending on whether the volume is 5 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml or 100 ml.

A 100 ml Gucci Bloom perfume costs between VND2 million and VND2.8 million, and a 5 ml mini bottle costs about VND390,000 to VND550,000.

To get the real Gucci Bloom perfume at a good price, you should find a reputable address to buy from. Avoid being cheap and buying a fake product, you will not be able to enjoy the high-end fragrance of Gucci Bloom and it will have adverse effects on your health.


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