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Review Top 7 best smart cleaning robot vacuum cleaner today

In the era of technology 4.0, smart robot vacuum cleaners have become an effective assistant for household cleaning in every family. Automatic cleaning and vacuuming robots will help free your hands so that you can live more comfortably instead of having headaches and spending long hours cleaning your room.

So do you know what is a robot vacuum cleaner? What are the best robots on the market today? Let’s go through the following article with lemontuoi and find out!

A/What is a smart robot vacuum cleaner?

So sánh Robot hút bụi Ecovacs và Medion - 2 thương hiệu Robot hút bụi lau  sàn tốt nhất

An intelligent robot is also known as an automatic robot (in English, Robot Vacuum Cleaner). It is pre-programmed to do the job of vacuuming and cleaning floors automatically, without direct human control.

If it encounters obstacles such as furniture, stairs, walls, etc., the Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner will automatically stop and find another direction to move. In addition, it has a self-operating mechanism to find a charging station to recharge the battery when it drops to 10%.

Most smart cleaning and vacuuming robots in the product line have a compact design with a rounded design and small wheels underneath. Thanks to this design, automated robots can move flexibly over different material surfaces.

However, most robotic vacuums can only work most effectively on hard floors, such as wood and ceramic floors. If you have a home with thin carpets (fibers shorter than 1 cm), it is still easy to find a line on the market with carpet suction capabilities.

1. Structure of a smart robot vacuum cleaner

Basically, cleaning and vacuuming robots usually consist of 2 main parts, namely the body and the matching accessories.

The body is disc-shaped and 8-15 cm thick, which is a collection of parts such as housing, waste disposal box, wheels, hardware system, laser connection for positioning (only) in some types) and a smart Wifi receiver.

Accessories that come with the machine include a controller, a battery charger, a brush, a virtual wall cord or a virtual wall post (to help the robot limit access to restricted areas).

2. How the smart robot vacuum cleaner works

When scheduled to work, the robot automatically cleans according to a programmed sequence. The programmed operating steps of the machine include the following 3 main steps.

Step 1: Activate the laser scanner to locate and scan around the room. Before entering the operation, the robot will perform a full scan to program the spatial memory of the room.

Step 2: Program the migration plan. After memorizing the room map, the robot will automatically select the appropriate movement plan for that space, bringing high efficiency.

Step 3: Move and work as specified by the controller. The intelligent robot is structured with a master controller center to direct and give the most appropriate work plan.

While the robot vacuum cleaner is working, the brush system is responsible for sweeping dirt and trash to the machine’s suction door, which transfers the dirt to the bin. This process will be continuous to ensure that the machine does not miss any dirt in your room.

B/ How to choose to buy a smart vacuum cleaner robot

1. Check the capacity of the robot

As with other vacuum cleaners, the capacity will determine whether the suction power is strong or weak. Therefore, if you want your room to be cleaned effectively, choose a machine with a moderate capacity.

In my experience, cleaning and vacuuming robots use rechargeable batteries as a source of relatively weak suction power, so for this type of machine it is better to choose a minimum suction power of 1000 – 2000 Pa, in some robots. Cheap vacuum cleaners with usually very weak suction power of 600 – 800 Pa will not guarantee cleaning efficiency.

2. Dust bag capacity

Besides the capacity, the capacity of a smart robot vacuum cleaner is one of the most important factors you need to pay attention to. The larger the capacity of the dust bag, the more areas will be vacuumed and you will not have to empty it as often.

However, you should also consider choosing the most suitable one for the room to avoid a situation where you choose a type with a large capacity but cannot smoke in low or narrow areas.

Usually, a dust bag with a capacity of about 400-600 ml can clean a small room of 60-80 square meters, which, on average, takes about 120-150 minutes. And if you want to choose equipment to clean the whole area of a larger room, you should choose a product with a larger capacity bag.

3. Obstacle avoidance feature

When moving, most robot vacuum cleaners have built-in safety protection features that prevent stairs from falling or detect obstacles and automatically reduce speed.

However, some common robots can still cause collisions that damage walls and objects in the house, or even the robot’s body. Therefore, if you have too many obstacles in your house, I suggest you do not choose this type.

A good robot product is one that has the ability to slow itself down when it detects an obstacle, while being able to crawl to small areas of the house. More advanced types can even climb up to a height of 2 cm.

4. Style, design

Generally speaking, most robot vacuum cleaners on the market have a circular design. However, there are also some types that are semi-circular and semi-rectangular. Generally speaking, round robots are the most popular design, which not only makes it easier to move around and get into different corners of the house to do better cleaning.


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