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Revlon Super Lustrous color #725 Love That Red

Son Revlon is also a very famous lipstick brand in the world, this company was born in 1932 and its first product was nail polish. After 86 years of development, it is now a leading brand of cosmetics. In particular, the company does not test on animals to support the fight against animal testing.

Revlon Super Lustrous Love That Red lipstick is not very prominent, in a traditional way, with a cylindrical design and a black and gold case with a logo engraved in the center. Contrary to the less prominent design, the quality of her lipsticks can make moms swoon. Matte lipsticks can add a lot of nourishment and add a little shine to more attractive lips.

Son Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (Pink Sizzle #810) made in USA | Shopee  Việt Nam

Ingredients. Extracts of avocado, mango, West African seeds, coconut milk.


Has good nutrition

Smooth lipstick

Fairly standard color (9/10 points)

High color fastness. Bold colors last up to 8 hours, nude colors last up to 5 hours

Versatile palette. I read on Vietnam News that there are 30 colors, but on the website, there are 80 colors. Unbelievable



Plain design

10. Revlon Super Lustrous #520 Wine With Everything

After my favorite Revlon Super Lustrous #725 above, another color I love from this collection is #520 Wine With Everything. this girl has a very pretty color, so even though she is in the same collection, she has to take two lipsticks from this brand. The quality is the same as #725 above, only the color is different.

The best price for seeing more

However, she is a bit more expensive at VND337,178. Also sold by Amazon.

11. Revlon Colorstay Lipcolor Red Velvet

Also another product from the Revlon family (I’m addicted to Revlon. This maternity lipstick is appreciated for its durability and long-lasting color. But this one has been discontinued (I don’t know why) so moms can’t buy it anymore, I still put her on my list because she’s really good.

12. Mammond True Color Lipstick

Although it was only born in 2016, the name Mamonde is certainly not new to you, right?

The name True Color Lipstick has changed the brand’s narrative, as Mamonde wants to bring its sisters extremely standard and moisturizing lipstick that leaves lips as smooth as velvet.

In fact, at first, I was not a fan of this line of lipsticks, having heard that the name Ultra Matte Lipstick was removed from the list of lipsticks for pregnant women for fear of affecting the baby. But after a few months, when I saw that she was so popular and recommended by many people, I thought “yeah, let’s give it a try”. And the results were quite surprising.

This lip balm is formulated with rosehip oil, camellia oil, rooibos, orange oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, tea extract and many other moisturizers to keep lips from drying out.


Very smooth lipstick

Color is up to standard

Highly moisturizing and does not dry out the lips

Long lasting

Rich in shades, up to 20 colors for moms to choose from

Disadvantages are

Difficult to buy genuine products

Because it is a new company, there is no genuine Mamonde store in Vietnam, moms, I don’t have any acquaintance in Korea, so it is hard to buy standard products. In Vietnam, they sell a lot of ideas online, but not every place sells the standard products. My Korean price is about $14.90 (~350k).

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If you want to buy this baby, I saw a pretty good store, meoshop88 on Shopee for 203,000₫ (probably bought it on sale, so it’s cheaper). Link to buy it here.

Mamonde is a mid-range lipstick with a lot of natural ingredients, so it’s suitable for moms who like Korean food. As for me, I only bought 1 to try out.

Scientists investigated and said that women who wear lipstick 1-2 times a day are relatively safer than women who wear lipstick often. And I only play once every few days, but I use lead-free lipstick, so I am not afraid of affecting my baby. Please choose your favorite maternity lipstick. I wish all pregnant moms remain beautiful!


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