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Robot does not release water when cleaning the house – Causes and solutions

Almost all current robot vacuum cleaners have a cleaning function, which is a secondary function but is the reason many consumers decide to use the product. However, in the process of using the robot cleaning function, there is often the error that the robot does not release water when cleaning the house. Therefore, in order to help customers solve this error in their homes, we are going to give the reasons for the error and how to deal with it below.

1. Reasons why the robot does not release water when cleaning the house

Robot hút bụi lau nhà Ecovacs Deebot T9 BẢN QUỐC TẾ, giá tốt nhất 2021

The reasons why robots don’t come out when cleaning a house are very diverse, and each time a robot doesn’t come out, it could be due to a different reason. Each reason will also have a different solution. So, in order to be able to fix the error, you first need to find out what is causing the robot to make the mistake. Here are the mistakes that prevent the robot from releasing water when cleaning the house

1.1. Not putting water in the water tank

When you forget to put water in the water tank, the robot will automatically set the dry mode and no error will occur. You will not see water coming out of the robot while cleaning the house at this time.

1.2. Thanks to the cleaning agent

In the previous robot line, the principle of water saving when cleaning the house was self-percolating water, while in the current robot line, almost all of them are using electronic pump water supply system.

Therefore, when the user puts detergent in the water tank, which has high viscosity and forms bubbles during the working process, the pushing of water from the tank pump will be obstructed. At this point, the robot will not be able to release water when cleaning the house.

In addition, when using the floor cleaner for a long time, it will also form dirt inside the water tank and pump nozzle, resulting in the secretion of less water than the original.

1.3. Broken water pump hose

In the process of use, there may be a reason for the water tank’s tap to break, so that the water tank can not discharge water. Therefore, when using the function of mopping and vacuuming, the robot can only vacuum but not clean the house, and no water is released when tapping.

2. How to deal with the error that the robot does not release water when cleaning the house?

For each of the different reasons why the robot does not release water when cleaning, you need to address it from a different direction. Once you have determined the cause of the error, you can deal with it according to the error situation. With the reasons we mentioned above, you can deal with the following problems.

2.1. Forgetting to put water in the tank

When you see that the robot is not putting water in the tank, the first thing you should do is to turn off the machine and check if the tank is putting water in it, if not, you just need to add water to the tank. Then start the robot and continue working.

2.2. Water comes out of the faucet less due to the use of floor cleaner

When you are in the habit of using floor cleaner for your robot, and after a while you find that the robot’s water output is not as good as it was at the beginning, it is possible that your faucet is clogged.

According to most manufacturers’ recommendations, users should only use plain water in the water tank and not any detergent or floor cleaner in the robot vacuum cleaner. This is because highly viscous floor cleaners can cause deposits or clog the pump.

When this happens, you can handle it like this: put a certain amount of warm water in the tank at 50 – 60°C, cover the tank and shake it hard to remove the maximum amount of residue and detergent from the tank. , pump. Then pour out that amount of water, change the water, and do the same method 3-5 times.

2.3. Water pump for the tank

In this case, there is usually no way to deal with this error, except to replace the robot with a new water box so that the robot can operate properly.

There are also many reasons why the water pump faucet is broken, but in most cases sent for repair, it cannot be fixed, but needs to be replaced with a new water box.

3. Where can I get my robot vacuum cleaner repaired?

Not coming out when the robot cleans is one of the common mistakes of robot vacuum cleaners. However, it is inevitable that you will encounter errors when using a robot vacuum cleaner. Apart from the errors that you can handle at home, there are some errors that you will not be able to identify the cause and handle yourself, but will need professional help.

Without identifying the error and how to deal with it, but you still have the ability to repair or disassemble the robot’s parts, then the robot may have not only one error point, but many different errors. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the machine, it is best to take the device to a repair facility for support in the event that you are unable to determine the cause and how to deal with it.

If you still haven’t found yourself a reputable robot vacuum cleaner repair agency, you can refer to our robot vacuum cleaner repair service – Liectroux Vietnam. We are one of the genuine distributors and retailers of Liectroux robot vacuum cleaners in Vietnam. In order to meet the repair needs of consumers for robot vacuum cleaners, we have set up a warranty department with experienced staff.

In addition to Liectroux’s robot line, we repair all other robot vacuum cleaners on the market. With us, any robotic problem you face can be solved.


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