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Should buy a laptop or a PC to use which is the best

When it comes to equipping themselves with a set of computers, many people are quite hesitant in choosing which type of computer to get. Should they choose to buy a lightweight laptop that is easy to carry around, or should they opt for a durable and powerful desktop computer. This question is quite a headache for users, as each type of machine has its own advantages, pros – and cons.

To help you make a more informed decision when deciding to buy a laptop or PC, below we will give you a detailed overview of each machine. We invite you to focus on this information immediately.

Should I buy a desktop or a laptop?

When starting to choose a computer to buy, the question of whether to buy a PC or a laptop has always been a question for many users. The truth is that desktop or laptop computers each have their own outstanding advantages, so it is up to each user to make a decision based on his or her needs. To know which type of computer to buy, you need to consider many different criteria.

If you are a businessman, a businesswoman who often needs to take a computer with him to meet clients, you must have a laptop. Or if you need a large screen computer for design, you should choose a desktop computer

Desktops are bulky, but powerful

Máy tính All-in-One là gì, ưu nhược điểm so với máy bộ truyền thống?

The difference between a laptop and a desktop computer

A desktop computer is a computer that consists of a combination of many parts, including. a CPU case, a monitor, a keyboard, speakers and a mouse. The size of this device is quite large, so it will be fixed to the desktop.

A laptop is a device that is used like a desktop, but has a more compact and simpler size. You can take them with you for your work needs.

The biggest difference between these two devices is the PIN code device. If desktop computers are powered by a direct power supply, laptops are equipped with an additional battery that allows them to be used comfortably even when there is no power supply.

Criteria for comparing laptops and desktops

When deciding whether to buy a laptop or a desktop computer, there are some criteria to consider. Here are the evaluation criteria for buying a laptop or a desktop computer.

1. Convenience

Desktop. Desktop products are bulky and large, so they are not very portable, which means they are not easy to carry around from place to place. In addition, desktop computers use direct power operation, so they take a long time to start up and go through many steps.

Laptops. Has a compact size and is highly mobile. The machine is also quite fast and easy to start up.

Laptops have a thin and light design and are highly mobile

2. 2. Performance

To evaluate whether to buy a desktop or laptop computer, you can decide based on the performance of the machine.

Desktop computers. Equipped with a processor placed in a CPU case, these computers will outperform laptops.

Laptops. Although the performance of laptops has caught up with desktop computers, the cost of obtaining it still makes customers hesitate because it is still quite expensive.

3. Screen size

Desktop computers: Desktop computers usually have a screen size of 19 inches or larger, providing a high level of convenience during work activities.

Laptops. Due to the convenience, laptops usually have smaller screen sizes ranging from 10 to 17 inches.

4. Ability to play games and entertainment

Desktops. Because more high-performance graphics cards can be installed, the experience of activities such as gaming and multimedia entertainment or the thermal efficiency of a desktop computer is considered valuable. Laptop models that can handle better.

Laptop. Arguably, this device is somewhat limited in hardware, so it usually does not have the high graphics capability to play games. While today’s laptops still support the ability to upgrade graphics, cooling is limited, so the ability to play games and entertainment on a laptop is somewhat less than on a desktop computer.

Desktop or laptop computers both have their advantages

5. The size of the keyboard

Desktop computers. These computing devices use a separate keyboard, so the keys will be fully equipped, including a numeric keypad system.

Laptops. Due to compact design constraints and to accommodate the small screen size, handheld computers usually have a fairly compact keyboard and are not usually equipped with an additional numeric keypad on the right edge… However, in order to be able to use a full-size keyboard, users can choose a laptop with a screen size of about 17 inches to experience.

6. Password duration

Desktop. This device uses more power than a laptop. If the power is suddenly cut off, all the data being processed on the machine may be lost.

Laptop. Comes with a removable battery, so you can use it anywhere, even in the event of a power outage.

7. With the ability to repair and assemble

Desktop machine. The parts in the machine are easily disassembled to help users comfortably perform upgrades and repairs.

Laptops. Memory and hard disk are the only two components on laptops that can be upgraded or repaired.

With the above criteria, you can easily decide to buy a computer or a laptop for yourself.

Comparing desktops and laptops

– Advantages of laptops over desktops.

+ Laptops have high mobility and users can use it anytime and anywhere.

+ Compact machine design – ideal for users who need to move around a lot.

+ The battery can still help you work in case of no power supply or power failure.

– Advantages of desktops compared to laptops.

+ More powerful and smoother operation in the same configuration.

+ Quick and inexpensive upgrades and easy to repair or replace parts.

+ Large screen, easier to operate

+ Less risk of damage to the whole machine during use

To know whether to buy a desktop or a laptop depends on the needs of each person. This is a comparison of which is better, a desktop or a laptop, and I hope you already know whether to buy a computer or a laptop. Good luck in your choice!


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