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Should I buy a desktop computer

As mobile devices such as laptops gradually ascend to the throne, are desktop computers becoming obsolete? Please refer to the following article immediately, as you may be surprised.

In today’s technological age, equipping yourself with one or more mobile devices is an inevitable part of life. However, there are pros and cons, and in many cases, mobile devices do not meet the needs of the user.

Especially in some needs, such as graphic design, video rendering, or simply playing a game of League of Legends – LOL, desktop users feel also “happy” a lot using a thin laptop or iPad. so, should you buy a desktop computer and trade it in for the convenience of mobility?

In this article, informaticist Luna will analyze with you the pros and cons of desktop computers. Hopefully, you as well as Luna’s clients will get the most objective view so that you can make the right choice based on your needs and conditions.

Benefits of desktop computers First of all. Powerful configuration, easy upgrades, available spare parts

Many people think that a desktop computer is like a slow old man because he mistook the design for a previous generation and may be surprised by this information. Desktop computers are not as slow as you might think. If you compare the performance of laptops and desktops for the same price, Luna asserts that a PC will be superior for two reasons.

PC là gì? PC có phải là máy tính để bàn hay không?

First, laptops use smaller, more power-efficient processors than PCs because laptops rely on batteries, so they are designed to ensure the battery life of the product. While desktop PCs use larger processors and direct power supply, so if the same price, we will easily choose desktop PCs, which are much more powerful than laptops.

Second, laptops dissipate heat through a small fan system. This cannot be compared to a personal computer designed with a larger fan, or in other words, a personal computer with a more efficient cooling system that leads us to faster tasks on the computer.

Another advantage of desktop computers is the availability of spare parts. If the machine breaks down or needs to be upgraded, you can buy a separate part. Whether it is a graphics card, monitor, or even a processor, while laptops are very difficult, if not impossible. To disclose to you, Luneng Computer has always had an upgrade support policy with very good prices for customers who have already purchased equipment, and for new customers we offer a full 1 for 1 exchange within 3 months. , Product warranty is available for up to 2 years!!! You can refer to some desktop models here 2 . Elegant aesthetics inspire work One of the undeniable advantages of a desktop system is its aesthetic appeal and inspiration for the workspace as well as for entertainment. Imagine if you had a big screen computer with a shiny keyboard sitting neatly on your desk next to books, trees, etc. You would definitely want to sit at your desk right away. In other words, what else is there to say, and certainly the experience will be “better” than lying in bed holding your laptop or putting it on your lap. On the other hand, this will help you limit the curvature of your spine caused by lying or sitting in the wrong position while using your laptop!!! . 3 . Great game play

Seamless desktop with modern design RGB led chassis. It is safe to say that desktop computers are often chosen by gamers. The large processor is surrounded by cooling fans and the cooling system will allow the PC to easily run smooth blockbuster games with heavy graphics. Not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of gaming, a desktop PC will give a better experience than a laptop. From a detachable keyboard for happy typing, bouncing hands, a mouse designed specifically for gaming, and a large screen to …… The chair you sit on to play games ….. , all create a great gaming experience.4 . Cheaper price more configurations As Lunen analyzed above, comparing the same price, the PC uses a larger processor, faster than smaller chips, saving power and saving space on the laptop. Therefore, for a small amount of money, you can also buy a desktop PC set with a powerful configuration and high performance enough to meet basic entertainment needs such as listening to music, watching movies to playing games or playing games. Do heavy graphics work such as designing, rendering videos. Disadvantages of desktop computers

First. Poor Mobility

This is an unchangeable feature of personal computers. Of course, desktop computers will not be suitable for those who need to move around a lot. In this case, you should get yourself a more compact and portable device, such as a tablet or laptop.

2 . Using a desktop computer requires a certain area

Compared to tablets or laptops, seamless PCs can lead to a “happy” working and playing experience. However, they need to be placed in a certain location. You need to spend 1 to 2 square meters in your house to be able to set up a workspace with a PC. This is not necessarily a disadvantage of desktops, but Luna Informatics still includes it here for you, especially those who are planning to buy a desktop PC, to consider and make a decision. The most correct.

The conclusion is this.

If you’re in the same price range, you’ll easily find a desktop computer that performs far better than a laptop or tablet.

In terms of experience, desktop computers are great for live experiences such as entertainment, top-notch gaming or jobs that require heavy tasks such as video rendering, graphics and 3D design. Laptops, meanwhile, are better suited for those who need to be on the move a lot.

Based on the above advantages and disadvantages. Luna definitely has his own answer. If you are planning to find a durable and powerful PC for yourself, please don’t hesitate to click the “Register for Inquiry” button above for a better service!


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