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Should I buy a microwave, oven or microwave with a grill

A fairly familiar question on housewives’ forums is whether to buy a microwave oven, an oven or a microwave with a grill. The answer is: buy the oven because it bakes better and roasts more dishes in larger quantities.

1. Should you buy a microwave, an oven or a microwave with a grill? A fairly familiar question on homemaker’s forums is whether to buy a microwave, an oven or a microwave with a grill. To answer this question, let’s find out more about these 3 types of ovens! Choose an oven or a microwave oven with grill?

If you like to cook, surely at some point you’ll have grilled dishes on your menu, so you’ll love having an oven in your kitchen. However, if you buy an oven specifically for grilling dishes and a basic microwave for heating/defrosting food, it can seem a bit annoying when you have to arrange a place for two rather bulky ovens. In a not-so-spacious kitchen, this is a pain in the ass. Also, if you buy a microwave with a grill, even the salesperson at the electronics superstore will advise you: a microwave can only bake a small amount of something that won’t be as tasty as an oven, not to mention the price. A microwave oven with a grill is more expensive than a basic microwave oven plus an oven. The article offers a solution for you: just buy an oven. Why?

So sánh nồi chiên không dầu - lò nướng - lò vi sóng trong bếp

What is the purpose of buying a microwave oven?

First, you need to determine your microwave needs. Besides the usual need to reheat or defrost food, do you know what else a microwave oven can do?

Some of the dishes prepared in a microwave are quite delicious, such as: steamed fish, steamed clams, clams, shrimp, eggs, roasted peanuts …… Generally speaking, these dishes are easy to make, you just need to learn experience by using it a few times to choose. The right time and temperature. For example, to roast peanuts, you need to spread the peanuts evenly on a plate, press the highest heat button for about 1 minute, remove and stir, repeat about 2-3 times. If you put the peanuts in a bowl, the peanuts piled on the bottom will be roasted black while the top ones are still alive.

In the forum, housewives also teach each other how to cook rice, sticky rice, cook chicken, and cook vegetables in the microwave. All of these dishes need to be constantly monitored to adjust the temperature or to prevent overflow (due to excessive boiling of water), so if you are cooking in a regular microwave, you need to stand by, especially if you are unfamiliar with cooking for the first time. However, personally, I find that food cooked in the microwave does not taste as good as that cooked in a regular pan.

I find that cooking in a microwave is not as good as cooking in a regular pot

In fact, I have observed that the microwave oven is used for two basic functions: heating and defrosting. However, I am not satisfied when using the defrost function of microwave oven because if the temperature is very low (preset temperature is defrost mode), it takes a long time for food to defrost, especially for chunky food. Large (for example, chicken in the freezer), if the temperature is very high, the food becomes soft on the outside and hard on the inside, so I prefer natural defrosting: wash the food with water and leave it for about half an hour. Therefore, the function I use most often in the microwave is to reheat the food.

Why not buy a microwave oven with a grill?

In fact, although microwaves with additional baking functions are usually more expensive than single-function microwaves, they are not much more expensive because these are now much cheaper than they used to be and the baking function is almost a normal feature of microwaves. Microwave ovens. Some single-function ovens with electronic control cost about VND1.6-2.5 million, but for only VND2-3 million, you have many ovens to choose from, such as the Sharp R-G271VN-W, 20 liters, with electronic control, priced at VND1.65 million at MediaMart, or the Sharp R-G572VN-S model with a larger capacity of 25 liters, priced at 2.8 million. Electrolux EMS3047X model with 30 liters capacity, priced at VND3 million…

Even if you prefer an oven with a baking mode but don’t have a lot of money, you can still choose to buy a mechanically controlled model (using manual knobs instead of electronic buttons) at an attractive price: the Sanyo EM-G2182W with a 20-liter capacity costs VND1.6 million, and the Sharp R-G223VN-SM, also with 20 liters, costs VND1.5 million. In particular, the Goldsun brand has the 20-liter model MWO-G20 SA with mechanical control and grill for only VND990,000 or the MWO-G20KE2 model with 20 liters for VND1.1 million.

Microwave oven with grill for baking unappetizing food

Just like ovens, there are two types of microwave ovens on the market: convection and non-convection. Some high-end microwave ovens are now also equipped with inverter technology to help save heat. These oven models usually cost around VND3.5 million or more, more than a single-function microwave and oven combined.

Of course, no matter how much you spend, the cheaper the model, the more “fun” the bake function will be. Often, the cheaper ones with a grill function will have a small capacity, no convection fan, no heating rod, and the baked goods will not be as tasty as desired. You can put bread, sandwiches, pizza in the oven and eat it until it’s crispy, or bake it thin; one or two small chicken legs/wings …… But to bake more, crispier and tastier food faster, you need a good oven model.

So if you are still “connected” to a microwave oven with grill, you will need to spend about VND4 million or more for a model with convection grill that has pretty good baking quality, but will still not be able to bake large foods and is really still not as good as an oven.

Some other disadvantages of microwave ovens with grills.

– The oven cavity is small, and having to place food on the grill when baking will result in food touching the hot bars/ceiling above, and a tray underneath to catch the grease/water that comes out of the food, so it is quite bulky .

– Microwaves are more picky about food containers than ovens. For example, with an oven, you can make fish tacos with aluminum foil, but not in a microwave.


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