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Some frequently asked questions about Ecovacs Deebot robot vacuum cleaner

DEEBOT did not return to the charging base?

Note: Sometimes the robot takes longer than usual to find the charging dock, please be patient and everything will be fine.

Our advice: You should start DEEBOT from the charging base so that it is easier to find it.

Check around the charging base for any obstacles that may be in the way of the robot.

Wipe and clean the charging base so that the charging base can provide a better signal.

– Does DEEBOT go around in circles?

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Please press the reset button to make DEEBOT move in a straight line.

If DEEBOT moves in a straight line after restarting, please clean the dirt on the sensor.

If DEEBOT does not move in a straight line, please turn the machine over and check if the wheels are dirty. If the wheels are dirty or trapped by hair or debris, please clean them.

Note: If you install a water tank and wet paper towels and the floor becomes very wet, DEEBOT will sometimes go around in circles because 1 wheel loses friction.

– DEEBOT is working too short!

Check the working status on the application map; DEEBOT will return to the charging base after the map cleaning job is completed. If the cleaning map does not cover the entire floor surface area, clear the obstacle, open the door to the room and let DEEBOT start mapping again.

Check the current battery level of DEEBOT; it should only be enabled if the battery is fully charged.

Check DEEBOT’s auto-run schedule and make sure to schedule the last two auto-runs at least 7 hours apart.

– Did DEEBOT miss some areas?

If DEEBOT has accidentally missed some areas, collect any power cords and small objects on the floor that may have gotten tangled in DEEBOT. Too many power cords and small objects on the floor can cause DEEBOT to miss some areas.

Have DEEBOT start trying to run out of the charging base and recreate the sanitation map.

– DEEBOT is not cleaning itself at the scheduled time?

Check that the DEEBOT’s power switch is on.

Make sure DEEBOT is fully charged.

The scheduled cleaning time may not have been programmed correctly, or it may have been cancelled. Set the cleaning time again and make sure it is saved.

Use the application to check if the scheduled cleaning time is during Do Not Disturb. If the problem persists, contact Customer Service.

– DEEBOT returns to the charging base before cleaning is complete?

The operating time depends on the floor surface, the complexity of the cleaning area and the selected cleaning mode. the OZMO930 has a recovery mode, so it will continue to complete cleaning after the battery is fully charged.

– Why does the DEEBOT’s peripheral brush not rotate during the cleaning process?

The peripheral brush may have become entangled in hair or debris. First, turn off the DEEBOT. then remove the peripheral brush, clean it according to the instructions in the manual, and reinstall it.

The pulsing brush may not be installed correctly. Turn off DEEBOT. reinstall the brush according to the instructions in the manual. If the problem persists, contact Customer Service.

– Does the DEEBOT tend to get stuck under the couch?

Our on-board LDS is equipped with cruise scan and anti-collision technology that identifies objects such as doors and furniture to help DEEBOT avoid getting stuck.

– Does DEEBOT move in circles and backwards when activated?

The anti-drop sensor on the bottom of DEEBOT may be covered with dust. Wipe the anti-drop sensor with the brush in the multi-function cleaner to keep it effective.

The wheels may be tangled in hair or debris. Use the multi-function cleaning tool to trim and remove the hair/debris that has become tangled in the runner. If the problem remains unresolved, please contact our customer service.

– DEEBOT is noisier and/or has weaker suction than usual

The suction nozzle may be clogged or the main/side brush may be covered with dust and dirt. For best performance, the bin and filter must be cleaned regularly as recommended in the instructions for use.

Turn off the power. Remove the trash from the bin, clean the filter and reinstall it.

Turn DEEBOT over. Remove the main brush cover. Remove the main brush. Use the multi-purpose cleaning tool to cut and remove tangled hairs, wires, etc. around the main brush. Reinstall the main brush.

Remove the side brush. Clean the side brush and its mounting slot with a dry cloth and reinstall.

– Where should the charging base be placed so that DEEBOT can easily find it?

The charging base must always be plugged in and placed near a wall. Place the charging base on the floor in a position perpendicular to the ground. Make sure that the area 2.0 meters in front and 1.0 meters on either side of the charging base is free of objects and reflective surfaces that could interfere with the charging base’s IR receiver/transmitter.

– Having trouble returning or locating the charging base using DEEBOT?

Please make sure the charging base is always powered on.

Make sure there are no obstacles within 0.5 meters to the left and right of the charging base and 1.5 meters in front of it, and that there are no reflective objects around it.

Please make sure that DEEBOT is not blocked by any virtual border when returning to the charging base, and please remove the virtual border if necessary.


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