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Top 12 lipsticks for pregnant women with the safest colors

According to experts, while women do not need to panic, excessive lipstick use can cause many concerns, especially for pregnant women. The amount of lead and other toxic metals in lipstick is quite small, but lead tends to accumulate in the body, and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics admits that there is no such thing as a safe lead level. Especially if you are having a baby, because mothers can pass on lead poisoning to these unborn babies – because they are much less tolerant than we are.

What’s more, an excessive buildup of toxic metals in your body can increase your risk of miscarriage or premature birth. From there, they can also damage your baby’s developing brain, kidneys and nervous system, or cause learning or behavioral problems in childhood. Therefore, in order to have a healthy baby, you need to find safe certified maternity lipsticks as follows.

Son môi cho bà bầu không chì an toàn cho mẹ và bé |

1. Lead Free Silk Lipstick Soft Herb

Silk Lipstick Soft Grass is one that I am familiar with and many pregnant women trust. Softgrass, I have used a lot of things and think it is very good, especially the lipsticks: benign and lead free

Ingredients. Almond oil, avocado oil, beeswax, FDA-standard natural mineral pigments, and sweet orange essential oil for smooth, beautiful lips.

Lipstick does not dry out lips, but it is also not as glossy as lip gloss. The safe natural mineral color meets FDA standards (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). So this is a lipstick that makes pregnant women very happy and worth buying.


Fresh color tone

Easy to use, not picky about skin and lips

Smooth and silky lipstick

Does not contain lead Fully tested by the Central Institute of Pharmaceutical Inspection

Price is satisfactory

Cons: Runs off quickly during meals. So using this, I often have to reapply lipstick at each meal.

Price: 180,000

To buy silk lipstick, you should buy it from the genuine website or genuine fan page of Cosoft.


Fan page: (including green hook)

2. Avon Super Dazzling Butter Lip Balm

VIEW BEST PRICE AT FADOI is derived from Shea Butter, Omega-6, Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E to give your lips a silky smooth, sexy finish. The color is natural and the color blends softly with your lips. The lipstick does not dry out your lips and is not overly shiny like lip glosses. The lipstick for pregnant women is very satisfying and worth buying.


Vibrant colors

Easy to apply

Versatile: Can be used as blush and eyeshadow just fine

Cons: Drifts quickly, especially when eating. So using this, I often have to reapply my lipstick at every meal. But I’m pregnant, but if it lasts long, I’m afraid to use it because it’s all lead.

Price: $8.95

This lipstick is currently in Vietnam and I didn’t see a reputable address selling it, so I ordered it from Amazon and shipped it through The package price is VND380,516 and the shipping time is a bit long (more than half a month), but in return, you get a guaranteed item.

The color I bought is Buttered RUM (the palette has 40 colors) and it fills the lips a little dark, but the lips are very beautiful.

3. Luxury Cococherry Moc An

Luxury Cococherry Moc An is the only Vietnamese lipstick I’ve used so far. Before I got pregnant, I didn’t know her and didn’t use any Vietnamese lipsticks. After researching maternity lipsticks, I saw that she was recommended by many moms in the Bibabo community, so I bought it too.

Limited Edition Coconut Moan

I used Passion 024 in orange for this lipstick, it felt soft on my lips and went on quickly but was a little shiny at first. After about 20 minutes, the lipstick blends in nicely on the lips. Has a pleasant scent.

Lipstick ingredients. Sweet almond oil (almond oil), raw shea butter (shea butter), coconut oil (coconut oil), beeswax (beeswax), candle wax (candle wax), perfume (fragrance), mineral pigments


Fast color application

Smooth and silky lipstick

Does not contain lead. Winner of the 2015 VTV2 “Green Living” award, I tried it with silver and found no lead.

Long lasting

Affordable price, only 200k/stick

Has flaws.

The colors are not very standard and the palette is quite small (there are 6 colors).

You can buy it here

Also, Moc An has a range of luxury Moc An lipsticks that are also rated as good quality as Limited but priced above 50K.

Please refer to this article. What color is Son Beauty V17? Is the color up pretty? How much does it cost?

4. Lagumi Lead Free Lipstick with Almond Extract

Lagumi is a natural cosmetics brand researched and produced by Fujiwon. Lagumi lipstick products are 100% natural and consist of stock colors and high quality products that are safe for women, especially pregnant women.

– Main ingredients. Almond oil, candelilla wax, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E ==> Helps keep lips soft and moist while protecting and moisturizing them from drying out.

Feel when using.

Beautiful lip balm design, looks quite luxurious

The lipstick is smooth and does not dry out the lips, and the color is more standard and beautiful than on the swatches

The lipstick feels light on the lips again …… Very good

If you don’t eat or drink, the average adhesion is about 6 hours. If you eat or drink water, you should reapply lipstick in the morning after eating!

Lipstick Palette

True Love 01: Classic bright red, sweet

Rymba 03: A young, fresh orange-red

Pink 04: A charming peachy red

Berry 05: Delicate, seductive peach

Fenty 06: A charming, mysterious red

Mor 07: Stylish, warm earthy orange

Coral 08: Elegant and sassy coral orange pink


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